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The Dunwich Horror and Other Weird Tales

Introduction (by August Derleth) -

The Dunwich Horror -

In the Vault -

The Rats in the Walls -

Pickman's Model -

The Music of Erich Zann -

The Colour Out Of Space -

The Outsider -

The Call of Cthulhu -

The Whisperer in Darkness -

The Shadow over Innsmouth -

The Moon-Bog -

The Hound -

Sleep no More (Edited by August Derleth)

Introduction (by August Derleth) -

Count Magnus (by M.R. James) -

Cassius (by Henry S.Whitehead) -

Occupant of the Room (by Algernon Blackwood) -

Return of the Sorcerer (by Clark Ashton Smith) -

Johnson Looked BAck (by Thomas Burke) -

Hand of the O'Mecca (by Howard Wandrei) -

He Cometh and he Passeth by (by H.R. Wakefield) -

Thus I refute Beelzy (by John Collier) -

Mannikin (by Robert Bloch) -

Two Black Bottles (WilfridBlanch Talman) -

The House of Sounds (by M.P. Shiel) -

The Cane (by Carl Jacobi) -

Rats in the Walls (by H.P. Lovecraft) -

Black Druid (by Frank Belknap Long) -

A Gentleman from Prague (by Stephen Grendon (A. Derleth) -

Midnight Express (by Alfred Noyes) -

The Black Stone (by Robert E. Howard) -

The Yellow Sign (by Robert W. Chambers) -

The Kennel (by Maurice Level) -

The Horror in the Burying Ground (by Hazel Heald (& H.P. Lovecraft) -

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